Gau Vision

Gau Vision

Gau Mata is seen as God’s divine form on earth. She is the Universal Mother and Protector of ALL. Her eternal gifts of Panchgavya can sustain the entire world, and she is the only living being who can enable ecological balance, purity and prosperity.

We envision a world where all beings are respected, and all beings repect the Holy Cow. The only way to accomplish this is to spread the divine knowledge of the Indigenous Indian Cow to the world. By educating society on her importance as mentioned in our sacred scriptures, and revealing the countless ways she benefits humanity and the environment, we will successfully serve and save our beloved mother, the environment and humanity.


Gau Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate the proper utilization of Panchgavya to the world in order to re-establish honor, respect and worship of the Holy Cow. By revealing the benefits of Panchgavya, we can surely save and serve the Indigenous Indian Cow.


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