Panchgavya Based Agriculture Products

Organic, Panchgavya Based Vermi Compost & Fertiilzers

Cow dung is an excellent, and possibly the best alternative natural fertilizer. It is non-toxic and completely safe for the environment, keeping crops chemical free for consumers and non depleting for the soil. There is a big misconception that the crops and land need urea, which is what most conventional fertilizers consist of. This is scientifically proven to be incorrect. The land does not need this, but the millions of microorganisms present in cow dung.

The large intestine of gau mata supports an active fermentation may supply 10-15% of the gross energy available to a cow. However, most microbial protein generated by this fermentation is lost via the manure.

In the digestion system there are billions of microorganisms. They help the cow to digest and utilize nutrients in the feed. To achieve efficient feed utilization and high milk yield, the bacteria must have optimal conditions. It is the bacteria that digest the feed. Feeding a cow, in fact, involves feeding the micro-organisms in her rumen. These microorganisms are extremely helpful for the earth as they replenish nutrients that the crops have used to grow.  The many benefits are non-toxic and organic crops, no chemical pollution, non-depleted earth which leads to less crop rotation so farmers can have higher yields.


Organic, Panchgavya Based Pest Repellants

The largest barrier to organic farming is eliminating pest repellants, which can be extremely detrimental to crops. A farmer can lose an entire years worth of work due to one bad bug, bacteria or family of animals. However, the use of chemical pest repellants is the number one cause of cancer, pollution and various other ailments detrimental to health…. So what to do?

The answer is simple. One of the miraculous benefits of cow urine is its use as a natural pest repellant. Farmers can protect crops safely and naturally using gomutra. It can be used alone, or mixed with the juices of garlic, onion, lemon, vinegar, etc.

Cow Dung Planters

These cow dung based planters are perfect for home gardening. Just sew the seeds in the planters and water until they sprout. Once sprouted, plant directly into the ground. They are completely eco-friendly, naturally decomposing, fertilizing your seeds and replenishing the earth!