The Organization

Gotirthashram is a non-profit organization solely engaged in the divine service of Gau Mata. It was established by Swami Vishudhanand of Koteshwar, who spent the last 10 years dedicating his life in various cow protection, alternative health using Panchgavya and environmental protection efforts. His efforts have evolved from the organization of 1 small gaushala in Dev Prayag to the development of Uttrakhand Gosamvardhan Samiti Gotirthashram, an organization devoted to rescuing cows, and Panchgavya Healthcare India, a branch of Gotirthashram engaged in the production and marketing of Panchgavya medicines. 

Under Gotirthashram there are currently 5 gaushalas throughout Uttarakhand serving approximately 700+ cows. Panchgavya Healthcare is now producing over 40 different medicines and healthcare products, with many new products under research and development.

Gotirthashram believes in preserving our culture and traditions as seen in our holy scriptures.

Gomaya vaste Lakshmi
"The wealth and prosperity lies in the cow dung."

Gaumatre Sarvoshadhinam
"All medicinal properties found in nature lie in the cow urine.”

With these sacred words and an effort to protect and improve the environment, Gotirthashram utilizes the cow dung to produce safe, eco-friendly bio fuel, burning briquettes, wood block substitutes and recycled paper products. We also promote Panchgavya based agriculture with the production of non-toxic, chemical free compost, fertilizers and pesticides from cow dung and urine.