The Crisis

Current Situation of the Cow in India

Currently India has 324 million cattle distributed among farmers, gaushalas and wandering the streets.
Farmers are facing various problems and are unable to care for large number of cattle, particularly dry cows as they do not provide farmer with any money/ gain. Once cows stop producing milk, farmers will sell to butcher or abandon on streets. Since the introduction of the tractor there is no need for male cattle (bulls). There is also a lack of collective grazing in reserved grazing land (gaucharan land) à Farmer can’t serve/ care for large quantity of cattle (dry/ old/ male).

If cattle serve no need to farmers/ owners, they are usually abandoned leaving large numbers roaming the streets. Since many families don’t have large grazing plots for their cattle, many villagers let cattle roam free in the streets as no secure watch is being kept over them.

There are a number of cattle kept in dairies or gaushalas. However, in over corwded dairies the living conditions are not good as cows don’t receive proper love and care. Even gaushalas, with the goal to save the cow are failing to provide proper care. They lack proper management and operating strategies, technology, relying on charity and donations. Again, cows don’t get medical attention needed, and sometimes wind up in worse conditions.
Today, India is the worlds largest beef exporter! More than 40,000 cattle are slaughtered each DAY for beef, leather and other goods.  With your help, we WILL end the slaughtering and exporting of Gau Mata in India!