Her Gifts

How Gau Mata Can Benefit Humanity & the Environment 

• Organic manure compost & fertilizers from cow dung
• Chemical free & non-toxic pest repellants made from cow urine
• Cow dung replaces the micro-organisms in soil. 
• Provides safe, organic and healthy food

• Bio-fuel produced from cow dung (CNG)
•Dried cow dung  briquettes / logs for burning *BEST wood alternative for forest conservation
• Bull energy for agriculture and transportation opposed to large machines releasing toxic fumes

• Less chemicals and toxins in water, soil and air dramatically decreases pollution
• Wood block supplement and paper products conserve trees
• Spreading cow dung on floors and using cow urine as disinfectants provide same antibacterial cleansing properties as everyday household cleaners without any harmful chemicals or toxic hazards
• Natural bio fuel is less harmful and conserves natural resources (oil/ petrol, coal, etc).
• Burning ghee for ozone treatment and reducing global warming

Culture & Spirituality
• Foundation of Indian culture lies in the COW
• Gau Seva unites people for a holy and divine cause and purifies heart, mind and soul
• Spirituality demands sattwa gunaà and cow is the source

Health & Medicine
• Panchgavya (milk, ghee, dung, urine, curd) a branch of Ayurveda used to treat, cure and prevent most diseases
• Cow urine: Bio enhancer, immuno- modulator, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-toxic, anti-tridosha
• Indigenous Indian Cow dairy products containing (A2 proteins) are complete and nourishing foods