Join the Effort

“Serve the cow & save the world!”

Gau Seva

Cow is the mother of all and Brahma considers cow worship absolute and mandatory. Therefore, gau seva is the utmost superior act humans can perform, leading us straight to our eternal source. We love welcoming gau bhaktas from around the world to our gaushalas and ashrams. Stay for 1 day or 1 year and join our family.

Volunteer or Career 
There are countless ways to join the effort in saving Gau Mata. Gau seva is not limited to shoveling cow dung or herding cows. Opportunities lie in marketing, educating, managing, event coordinating, designing, cooking, and the list goes on! If you’re interested in donating a little time to help out, or wish to make this your full time career, please contact us! Tell us about yourself and we can create the perfect gau seva or career opportunity for you!


If you don’t have any spare time but would like to offer something, each and every donation, big or small is greatly appreciated. Donations are used for food, medicine, the proper functioning of gaushalas and educating society on our beloved Gau Mata! 

We would like to give eternal thanks and blessings to ALL gau bhaktas! Jai Gau Mata!