I. Gau Pratishta Gau Prasad - The Ultimate Solution to Cow Protection

The key to all problems relating to Cows today rests in the cow ‐ farmer relationship. Today, this relationship is ultimately broken. The best place for a cow to reside is the home of a farmer. Therefore the main objective of the Gau Pratishta Gau Prasad is to return cows back to their homes, on farms while engaging societies involvement in cow protection efforts, and finally to reveal the importance and necessity of her Panchgavya. With mass urbanization and limited grazing lands, cows are exposed to pollution and dangerous living conditions in the busy cities and ultimately wind up in slaughterhouses. Gaushalas are a temporary quick fix, but nowhere near the end solution to the crisis. Uncertainty and doubt lie in the functioning of majority of gaushalas over mismanagement, cruelty and negligence towards cows and improper use of funds/ donations.

In order to solve the crisis at hand, Gotirthashram began a revolutionary initiative known as Gau Pratishta Gau Prasad. With the fundamental aims of proper management of cows, proper utilization of panchgavya and the reestablishment of cow – farmer relationships, Gau Pratishta Gau Prasad is the Ultimate Solution for Cow Protection.

Gau Bhaktas who wish to serve cows but are unable to physically do so now have the ability with Gau Pratishta Gau Prasad. They can directly support farmers caring for cows, and in return for their support, they will receive the divine blessings or ‘Prasad’ of Gau Mata (Panchgavya products) through Gotirthashram, absolutely FREE!

You can transform a cow’s life and she will surely transform yours!

Cows Benefits

1. Properly cared for by farmer, removed from city streets consuming garbage and in unsafe living conditions.

2. Will receive proper diets/ nutrition and receive medical care if needed.

3. They will not be exposed to stress and negative energy of the busy city streets.

4. Saved from abandonment, butchers and slaughtering.

5. No artificial insemination, preserving the Indigenous Indian Cow.

Farmer Benefits

1. Gotirthashram donates cows to farmers at NO cost to farmer.

2. Gotirthashram will never take any money from farmer, only Gomutra and Gobar.

3. Farmers will earn a living by simply collecting cow dung and urine.

4. Farmer and village will benefit fromPanchgavya based agriculture, biogas.

Humanity Benefits

1. By serving GauMata, we are following our holy scriptures and dharma.

2. By preventing cross breeding/ artificial insemination, there is healthy A2 milk of Indigenous Indian cows instead of harmful A1 milk.

3. The eco-friendly, non harmful biogas and alternative energy sources created from gobar.

4. Gomutra and Gobar used to create non toxic fertilizers and pest repellants for organic, panchgavya based agriculture.

5. Panchgavya and divine herbs used to create medicines and healthcare products.

II. Panchgavya Based Agriculture

This is a method of farming based on ancient Vedic texts to suit today’s modern day agricultural needs.  The Panchgavya, specifically the cow dung and urine of the indigenous Indian cow are utilized in an all-natural, non-harmful farming approach. The main objectives are to benefit and serve the environment, animals and all humanity. Panchgavya Based Agriculture consists of the following aspects;

  1. 100% Panchgavya based products are used. No harmful or toxic chemical based fertilizers/ pesticides are used. Fertilizers are made from cow dung and pest repellants are created from cow urine and herbs using all natural processes such as fermentation, etc.
  2. No large commercial machinery is used. All labor will be conducted by bullocks and traditional Indian tools/ equipment, which will give bulls purpose and save them from slaughtering.
  3. Energy used to process crop yields comes from bullocks as opposed to electricity or others energy sources.
  4. This farming technique is 100% non-violent and cruelty free. All animals are respected and treated with utmost care. Animal parts may be utilized such as blood, bones, etc. but only if they die of natural causes. No creature will ever be harmed or killed for this purpose.
  5. The land must undergo a cleansing and purifying process for a minimum period of 5 months before any crops are grown, ensuring no chemical residue or impurities are present.

III. Alternative Energy Solutions (Environmental Protection Porjects)

Gotirthashram now has patented a special Cow dung based fuel along with machines for low cost, energy efficient, eco-friendly energy. Cow dung and bio mass based pellets and briquettes deliver safe, smokless, high calorific methods of burning in uniquelly designed machines for both personal home use and large scale industrial use. They conserve thousands of acres of trees per year, conserving our forests and protecting the environment,. In Uttarakhand specifically, pine needles are used, which prevents forest fires caused by the blankets of highly ignitive pine needles covereing the forest grounds. According to local newspapers, ov,er 500 acres of forest were saved in the areas where pine needles were collected while other areas caught fire leaving Uttarakhand in a state of emergency this past year

IV. Gau- Eco-Tourism

To increase environmental awareness, we are developing eco-friendly accomodations in specific gaushala locations inviting ALL to come for a hands on learning experince like no other! With divine offerings such as yoga, meditation and spiritual lectures/ classes, workshops on Panchgavya health and utilizations, importance of Gau Mata, Panchgavya based Agriculture, Alternative energy and more! All food is prepared using Desi Cow dairy and organic crops grown using Panchgavya based agricultural techniques creating pure, healthy and sattvic meals. Guests also have the opportunity to perform Gau Seva and spend time with all the loving cows. We strive to demonstrate the importance of caring for mother nature and how our impact on her will have detrimental effects if we don't take action soon.

V.  Non Violent Carcass Processing Centers- The Solution to End Cow Slaughtering

Cow slaughtering in India is a highly controversial issue. It is a heavily addressed concern creating political upheaval, violence and uneasiness among citizens throughout our own country and neighboring areas. We are proposing the ultimate solution with an open minded, un-biased approach.

One of India’s greatest idols is Mahatma Gandhi, who promoted peace and non-violence. How can we follow his virtues and live peacefully if there is inhumane slaughtering, slandering, illegal trading, violence, fighting, political wars and so forth, all due to this issue of cow slaughtering?

Thousands of cows, bulls and progeny die on a daily basis, but the bodies are left to rot. We are proposing the utilization of the already ceased animals to elinminate the need for slaughtering. We are NOT going against any religion or industry. We are NOT saying ban meat eating, or wearing leather, fur, etc. We are simply proposing an alternative method of obtaining these products; To avoid violence and promote peace.

Our suggestions on this proposal are as follows;

  1. Initiate Non-Violent Carcass Processing Centers throughout India
    Centers where dead cattle will be transported to for processing and distributed among each industry for use (meat, leather, etc.)
  2. Carcass Preservation
    There is new technology avaialble in which preservation injections are used on recently deceased animals. It preserves the carcass, killing all viruses/ bacterial and still maintaining bodily organs (leather will still be soft). We plan to avail and train veterinary doctors with the latest technology in carcass preservation. All veteniary locations will have the injections available so whenever any cattle dies, the farmer can immediately give the injection. The preserved carcas will then be transported to the nearest Non-Violent Processing Center. Following this, the carcass will be ready for specific, industiral use.
  3. Farmer Compensation
    This will encourage farmers to care for a cow its entire life --> The older the age of cow, the more money he will recieve. Upon death of cattle, farmer will contact local veterinary officer for body preservation. Carcass Processing Center will then collect the preserved carcass for processing and farmer will receive compensation.

These Carcass Processing Centers can be opened on a district level.

VI. Research & Training Center

This will be established under the Technical wing. It is an institution for research in Panchgavya and skill development for perspective employees. Individuals will be trained in the 5 areas which Cow benefits our lives (Energy, Health/ Medicine, Agriculture, Environment and Culture).

The institution will provide hands on training to students and establish Panchgavya production units based on standardized operational techniques according to requirements and demands of specific gaushalas/ communities.

VII. Establish a National Fodder Bank

The main objective of this is to control inflation of fodder rate. There are only 3 main producers of fodder (Hariyana, Punjab, UP) with a 45 day season after wheat cutting. Corporate, money-minded businessmen purchase this cheap rate fodder and hold it to sell when the rate is high to make a large profit. We will collect at cheapest rate and make available to farmers/ gaushalas so cows get proper nutrition. Profit is NOT our main objective, but to be able to deliver fodder to gaushalas and farms throughout the year at the lowest cost possible so cattle are properly fed, nurished and cared for.