Gosamvardhan Samiti

Uttrakhand Gausamvardhan Samiti is our managing branch and it's main objective is to establish self sustained cow shelters in villages throughout India. We rescue cows from city streets, butchers and under jurisdiction, particularly dried cows (not producing milk). They are brought to gaushalas, treated until healthy, then redistributed to villagers benefitting both cow and community. Dung is collected for production of eco friendly biogas, natural fertilizers, paper products and wood briquettes. These products save our forests and reduce waste and pollution. Villages use the natural compost and manure to grow organic crops for the community and cows as well. Completely self-reliable gaushalas where no donation is every needed!


Our main goal is to care for cows in 3 main areas (farms/ villages, streets, gaushalas) by creating a socio-economic model and alleviating the current issues existing among them.

1. Solve issues existing in gaushalas. Gaushalas are currently facing issues of improper management, lack of technology, marketing, funds, etc. We will provide assistance for these issues through our specially trained experts to alleviate issue.  Our three main wings consist of Management, Marketing and Technical. Training will be provided to those who wish to join any field.

3 Main Branches

  • Managing Wing: Our managing wing’s main objective is to establish self-sustained cow shelters throughout India. The main duties include establishing the gaurakshak scheme in villages, establishing and managing the gaushalas, training gaushala personnel for improved gaushala management, design infrastructure, proper maintaninance of cows according to health, age, sex and milking conditions, proper arrangements for collection of urine and dung.

  • Marketing Wing: Marketing the products produced on the gaushalas from panchgavya including bio fuel, gomutra medicine and cleansing products, wood blocks, burning briquetts, recycled paper products, organic maneur fertilizers and pest repellants. They will ensure the proper marketing on a local and national level. Ensure proper packaging, labeling and advertising to various markets.

  • Technical Wing: Provide hands on training and establishing panchgavya production units based on standardized operational techniques according to requirement and demand of specific gaushala and community. Individuals will be trained in the areas of energy, environment, agriculture, health/ medicine and culture.  

2. Solving issues of farmers.  Farmers need help caring for bulls/ dry cows, old cow àWe care for them through “gaurakshak scheme” at gram sabha (village community) level.

Gaurakshak Scheme (Village Community)

Appoint a dedicated gaurakshak for each village to perform following duties; Numerical system for counting and tagging cows, create and manage medical and health records of each cow, send monthly reports to central office, find unwanted/ abandoned cows in village and give them proper care, rescue from butchers and those that are under jurisdiction, keep eyes on villagers and famers ensuring each cow receive proper care.

The gaurakshaks of each village will join forces with neighboring gaurakshaks (5 or 6) and open community gaushala where rescued, abandoned, dry cows and bulls will be cared for. This will be known as Gotirthashram.

Gaurakshak Training

1st month (1 Day) – Trained on counting and tagging cows/ organizing and sending monthly reports 3rd month (1 Day)- Educated on opening gaushala. Proper methods of collecting panchgavya 6 month (3 Days)- Trained on complete management of gaushala along with production of all panchgavya commodities including bio gas, gomutra medicine and cleaning supplies, wood briquettes, recycled paper products, organic fertilizers, pest repellants, etc.

* Among the establishment and proper functioning of community gaushala, there will be development of self-sustained villages. Villagers bring dry, ill cattle to gaushala for care and pay fee. Healthy cows returned back to village. Gaushala sells organic manure to village, and in return gaushala purchases organic crops.

3. Rescue abandoned cows wandering on streets. This will be implemented through our Gaurakshak Scheme along with our own employees. All abandoned and wandering cows will be properly identified, tagged and returned to their proper homes or brought to a community gaushala.