Panchgavya Healthcare India

According to Padma Puran

Lokan sisrustva purvan gaavah srusta prajapati. Vrityartham sarva bhutanam tasmat taah matrah asmruta.

"Before the creation of the universe The Lord brahma created the cow for the well being of the universe and survival of all creatures. That's why she is called the mother of ALL."

Gomaya vaste Lakshmi
"The wealth and prosperity lies in the cow dung."

Gaumatre Sarvoshadhinam
"All medicinal properties found in nature lie in the cow urine.”

We have developed a state of the art cow urine solar distillation plant in Koteshwar. Before production of medicines, the urine is distilled in specially designed machines running only by the sun, therefore not consuming energy or harmful for the environment.

Currently we are processing over 1,500 liters of urine per day producing over 25 different types of cow urine based herbal medicines, 100% organic cow urine based disinfectant (phenyle) and dettol, and an array of products in research and development.